Premier Inn London Euston – SHTA making progress

SHTA has made positive steps in addressing the noise pollution issues arising from the Permier Inn London Euston.

A filter has been installed on the extractor fan limiting some of the noise emanating from the car park level.

Permier Inn staff have been instructed not to operate the garbage crusher after 8pm.

Despite numerous requests from SHTA and the hotel management the Sunlight delivery company continues to wake residents at unreasonable hours and block the communal driveway with their noisy vans. We are talking to Sunlight laundry services and hope to make progress regarding this matter very soon.

Whitbread plc, which owns Premier Inn, employs Gerald Eve as property consultant and management company. We are expecting a representative to meet us very soon to discuss several issues:

  • Costa Coffee’s use of the front access ramp – including the partition section removed to give customers and staff a short-cut.
  • The lack of acoustic shielding around the roof and kitchen air conditioning plant
  • The use of the communal drive as a loading bay and blocking access to emergency vehicles.

Gerald Eve really need to act soon, to resolve these issues, thereby improving the quality of life for all residents of Somerton House

At a recent meeting with hotel manager Stephen Luck and the hotel Housekeeping Manager, SHTA was assured that the Somerton House sign will be repositioned shortly. It is currently obscured by the Costa Coffee awning and large umbrellas, Mr Luck has very recently apologised for the inconvenience this is causing residents over the last eighteen months or so.

Latest Updates on progress are posted at ‘Exit Gate Locked for Safety’  in Communal Living and News.

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