Fire Safety

Somerton House 32 Camden council flats, above the Premier Travel Inn Euston London hotel
Somerton House flats, above the Premier Travel Inn Euston hotel

Premier Inn’s Chief Operating Officer has told us the cladding on the Euston hotel below Somerton House is not combustible. We also have reassurances that outstanding lighting and stairwell issues raised will be addressed.

Camden Council will be fitting new fire doors in the coming weeks, the contracts manager is aware of outstanding shared lighting and stairwell issues.

UPDATE: 7th JUNE 2019

Camden Council have informed SHRA they are unsure if the cladding attached to Somerton House is fire safe. 

Camden will be inspecting/investigating the external cladding on the 12th of June with a team of abseilers. Waits who are currently carrying out fire safety works on behalf of Camden in the building will be facilitating these inspection works.

SHRA have also contacted Premier Inn’s COO Simon, and Property Management Company Gerald Eve’s Partner James requesting appropriate reassurances/action that the buildings cladding is fire safe.

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