SHRA meet Premier Inn owner Whitbread about the development of the Premier Inn London Euston Hotel

A plan of the proposed development
Whitbread PLC

Premier Inn want to build two floors of bedrooms along their Euston Road site, with an additional seven floors stretching into the rear car park.

We received a talk and presentation from the team managing the proposed development to the Premier Inn London Euston hotel.

Whitbread, the company that owns Premier Inn, told us:

  • They want another 67 bedrooms, with a 250 seat restaurant.
  • They want to add two floors to the Euston Road side, and build a 7 floor annex in the carpark.
  • They think the development will take 1 year 3 months (65 weeks)
  • Planning applications are imminent to Camden Council. 

We’ve since held an on-site meeting with Whitbread’s project managers in the carpark to raise current on-going concerns over fire safety, health & safety, right of access and logistics.

We said that these issues have been ongoing for several years, and show no signs of abating. We asked why things would be better in the future but did not receive solid answers.

The website created for the development where you can view the proposed plans is available here

If you think the development will affect you, please contact our secretary.

We’ll let everyone know when the full planning application has been submitted.

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